The Struggle To Success

Electronic Communication Wrap Up

I decided to make today’s theme somewhat of a wrap up of all the things I have learned in this class.  To summarize the semester I would say the projects and the assignments have definitely opened up my eyes into seeing all of the things i can do with my degree.  My favorite part about this class was just working with all the different platforms and making everything as creative as possible.

We went from podcasts to audio slideshows to videos, even these blogs have taught me how to create in a more professional setting.  Setting up my work in a way that shows all of my creative attributes is what i find most intriguing about the class.  If you were to look at each student’s website you would notice that none of our work is the same.

That’s the beauty of the class, even though we are assigned the same things, each individual has their own twist on every project.  It’s always interesting to see what people come up with and how they portrayed the assignment differently then I did.  All in all I took a lot from this class and didn’t realize how many skills I have attained from participating.

Description of Courses

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Predicting the NFL Draft

The reason I wanted to write about this subject is because I feel like the draft is the main reason all collegiate athletes push their bodies to the limit everyday.  This year our team has seven players who have a good chance to get potentially drafted and I can only imagine the stress that they are going through not only physically but mentally.

There are so many factors that go into getting drafted or even signing as a free agent that it’s hard to wrap my head around the specifics.  At one point a player could look extremely good in college but when it comes to the NFL there are so many other things that effect how early one gets drafted.  Another option, as I mentioned before, is free agency where certain players who go undrafted get the opportunity to sign with a team.

In my opinion, I feel like most of our players in our program have to settle with that strictly because there is so much hype built around different conferences.  However, I never fail to see our athletes succeed at the highest level and hold themselves to the most professional standard.  I wish luck to all my former team mates who have this extremely rare opportunity and I hope to be in the same position myself one day.

NFL Draft Recap Here!

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Spring Game 2k17

Two weeks ago I participated in my second annual spring game for the Oklahoma State football team.  The game was a blast as always, the fans were excited the kids were amazed and it just felt good to put a smile on everyone’s face that day.  Many people don’t see the point of spring games, partially because they don’t understand the reasoning behind it.

Spring games are meant to be played for the fans it’s not necessarily for the team obviously because we are competing against one another.  It’s like an open scrimmage except it gives everyone the atmosphere of a game-like setting.  There’s uniforms, officials, and not to mention we get to actually play in the stadium and keep score.

It’s just a sneak peek for the season to come, and it’s exciting for the first year players and the fans.  Personally it’s one of my favorite things to be apart of it’s always amazing to see all the fans that show up after the game huddle around the team and look for autographs and pictures.  That’s one of my main reasons for doing this it to inspire those who look up to me because a long time ago i was in that same position.

More on the Spring Game!

Jalen McCleskey - Spring Game 2017
Spring Game 2017 (

Video Assignment Experience

This past week I worked with a couple of friends in creating my first video directed by myself.  Initially I felt that this project wasn’t going to be that tough but making sure all of the clips fit together in one video was quiet the challenge.  Working with the camera was simple, I’ve had experience with that type of thing before.

However editing the clips, took a lot of time and making the production flow smoothly, I feel like, took most of my attention.  The point of the video was to show newcomers around Stillwater and sort of persuade them to attend the university.  Based on the cites and restaurants I made the video relatable to residents and students everywhere.

My two actors partaking in the video and the behind the scenes duties were my good friends Philip Redwine and Devin Wilber.  Both did very well making the assignment much more entertaining, and enjoyable to create and watch.  They also took part in some of the technological challenges as well such as helping me put all of the shots together.  Without them I wouldn’t have been able to make the video quality as good as it was, and they both did a phenomenal job in helping me with this production.

More information About Stillwater!


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Video Assignment

Here’s a link to my video assingment on a tour of Stillwater



Audio Slideshow Experience

This past week I was working on a very interesting assignment, called the audio slideshow. It’s basically a slide show of photos taken by the author and put into a story-like setting which is presented to the class. Initially I had no idea what I was going to make the slide show about and then a friend mentioned a place called Karsten Creek Golf Club.

Karsten Creek is a country club about a mile outside of the campus, and it’s also where the golf team for Oklahoma State practices on the daily.  I absolutely fell in love with facility, the craftsmanship of the building and the all around beautiful scenery of the entire complex. It was very interesting to get a closer look at all of the detail put in the facility, it was definitely a goal of mine to put the audience in the exact setting I was standing in.

Trying to capture every single detail, in my opinion, was the toughest job for me personally because no matter how many photos I took I always felt like I was missing something. Looking back at the project I now understand why it was so important to take as many photos as possible.  However i enjoyed every shot, and the experience of working with different technology was rewarding in the end.

Check out more information on the clubhouse here!

Karsten Creek Clubhouse (

Audio Slideshow

Here is a link to a profile i did over the Karsten Creek golfing facility.


Audio Slideshow

Time For Spring Ball!

Winter workouts have officially come to a close and it’s finally time to strap the helmets on and begin spring practice. Spring ball has always been one of my favorite times of the year, because it’s the first sneak peek of the season to come.  With so much anticipation for next year’s team there will be a lot of attention buzzing around campus and I can’t wait to be apart of it all.

The first week is always the easiest, because we only practice three days out of the week and basic formations and alignments is what most of the days consist of. I’m very interested to see how things will come into place this spring in comparison to last season.  This will be my second go around and I’m hoping to accomplish more than I did this past season.

The stage is set, I got through a tough winter and it’s important to cap it off with a good showing during the spring.  Also there’s the spring game which will take place in the stadium in April, where the team splits up into two sides and compete against each other in front of the fans. There’s obviously a lot to look forward to these next couple of months and I will be sure to follow up on week two in my next blog.

Last Year’s Game!

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Spring Practice Warm Ups                                       (



Ok-State Football Podcast

This blog post I thought I’d take a break from talking about our weekly winter off-season program, and give a short description on my podcast.  This past week I held an interview with a fellow teammate of mine named Philip Redwine who plays safety for our team this season.  In the podcast he discusses his experiences with the joining the Oklahoma State football team and gives the audience a different viewpoint on his challenges


In this podcast I hope to give more of an inside look of the transition process coming from high school to college and competing at such a high level. Many people don’t understand the mental and cultural shock it has on the young men that get recruited to participate in these big programs. My goal was to give the audience a closer look at some things they don’t always receive from normal interviews.

Listen to podcast here!


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